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Bunk Hotels

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  • Search Engine Advertisement (SEA)
  • Opening campaign
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  • Web analytics
BUNK bridges the gap between hotels and hostels by combining affordable luxury rooms and smartly designed private pods.

Bunk Hotel is winner of the prestigious HOSCAR, the Oscars for the hostel world. BUNK Hotels has also been chosen as the winner of the Travel & Hospitality Awards 2021 in the European Travel Awards category. This allows BUNK to call itself the most unique hotel in the Netherlands for a year.


For Bunk Hotels we do deep SEO on a daily basis to create the most optimal situation for Bunk in search results. In addition, we ensure the most optimal bidding strategy within SEA. We advise them on a strategic level and ensure that the most optimal marketing mix is used.


On a monthly basis we produce management reports in dashboards to give an overview of the achieved results.