NOS | Vraag Het Den Haag

Client: NOS
Assignment: Contest development, concepting and activation.

With every election, it is the editorial board of the NOS that comes up with the questions and poses them to our politicians. During the 2012 elections to the House of Representatives, the NOS thought it was a good idea to ask the viewers’ questions this time. Viewers could submit their questions to the politicians in a number of categories via,  the news editors then chose interesting questions from these and presented them to the politicians on Radio and TV. The fragments with the answers were placed on the site, and the questioners were also named and informed.

More than 2,000 interesting questions were asked, which immediately made it clear that the elections really matter to the citizens. This also provided an accurate picture of the most important themes. So accurate, in fact, that the editors decided to shape the live closing debate around these themes, and have the questions asked by the questioners online. That’s how social TV is meant to be. The campaign has also been nominated for a Facebook Award.

Productie & Concepting

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